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Translation Services
We pride ourselves on our ability to take your business to the next level with entirely fluent translation services for a range of languages, which we’re able to offer with confidence due to all our Arabic translation professionals being native speakers of their accredited language.
Our in-house translators are native speakers who are fully understand the target language and all of our teams can use the latest Cat Tools and quality checks for every single documents.
We focus on clients satisfaction and efficiency, and our business is based on trustfully and efficiency. We are ready to help you achieve success in your localization efforts and gain remarkable presence in the international business areas!
Our experts have worked across tons of industries worldwide, offering Translation & Localization services for companies in the Medical and Health care, Educations, automotive, Business and Finance, Software and Hardware, Tourism, and Mobile Applications Services and more/
We have more than 250 of professional linguists who translate into their native languages to ensure the premium quality of translation using all of the lasts CAT tools in the market; we deliver on-time with offering very competitive rates. We’re diverse!
We are specialists in Middle East Translation & Localization Services and will translate your text with confidence and accuracy.
At Speak Arabia we cover a variety of Arabic language pairs and all of Arabic dialects.
We are specialists in Arabic translation, Farsi translation, and Turkish translation as well as Hebrew translation and Kurdish translation services…
And Middle East languages, including:
Farsi, Urdu, Turkish, Hebrew, Pashto ,and more..
We tailor our translation services to your needs since we know that your requirements vary from time to time, or project to project. We’re timely, accurate and reliable.

CAT Tools
Speak Arabia uses a variety of CAT tools that suit all common projects. Our expert linguists are familiar with Trados different versions, SDLX, Déjà vu, Loc studio, Catalyst, MemoQ, Wordfast, Google translation toolkit, Star Transit and more..
Whenever you talk about Arabic Translation & Localization, Desktop publishing, QA, editing and proofreading, Transcription or Voice-over. We have the suitable team of expert and professional linguists for it.


By using Speak Arabia editing services, you can be sure that your language manuscript will be polished and ready for submission in your publication of choice at a very competitive rate.


The goal of proofreading is to guarantee perfect spelling, grammar and structure of a text in a written work. At Speak Arabia, all our proofreaders are native speakers of the languages they proofread and they are academically highly-qualified.

Desktop Publishing

Speak Arabia helps companies maximize their content value. Speak Arabia has the experience to assist its clients in all phases of the content life cycle: Authoring, Management, and Delivery.
If you are planning to take your business products or services to a new market? If your new demographic has a different language translation is often a step you’ve considered but when making your materials more suitable for your targeted customers, you also need to consider everything about your content from the layout to the images.

Language matters so too does appearance and with combination of our skills we can help you reach your business objectives by creating a new content that reflects source materials specifically with a new audience in mind.

Our desktop publishing services will take your content and create a layout that is professional and captures the essence of your brand by combining typography, layout, and graphic designs, all selected with your target audience in mind.
Speak Arabia supports content publishing, traditionally known as desktop publishing or DTP. We use current versions of FrameMaker, InDesign, PageMaker, QuarkXpress, Photoshop and Illustrator.
Speak Arabia is also helping clients move to single-source content authoring and multiple output publishing. In doing so, clients who use FrameMaker, SGML, and Epic Authoring will see many benefits.
Our experienced Desktop Publishing professionals will work closely with you, in order to provide you with fonts and graphics that will relate to your audience in an effective manner.

Our DTP services cover:
• Conversion
• Formatting
• Font and Text Design
• Graphic/Image Placement
• Post-DTP checks
• Working with mark-up languages
• Style Sheet and Template Design
• Formatting and page layout
• Creating and editing graphics
• Typesetting
• Creating translated material in multiple platforms
DTP Quality Assurance
We work with the following softwares:
• InDesign
• PageMaker
• Illustrator
• Publisher
• WinHelp
• Ready Set Go
• Quark Xpress
• CorelDraw
• Word
• JavaHelp
• Quicksilver Pro
• FrameMaker
• Photoshop
• PowerPoint
• Excel
Our content can be delivered in the following formats:
• Flash
• Film postscript
• Video
Our Desktop Publishing services can, in turn, deliver such great value to our clients throughout Middle East & Africa.


Speak Arabia is committed to getting quality transcripts to you ON TIME.

If you have videos or audio clips that you need to reach a new audience with? Have a target market in mind but don’t think a voice over or localization project is right for you? Transcription could be the solution to your problem.
We have years of experience producing very quick and efficient transcripts for our clients. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so are able to operate under tight deadlines. Our turnaround times are swift and we never charge rush fees.
We can meet your needs to meet global business demands by providing transcription services completed by professional that understand your industry…
We cover a wide variety of document types: the source material can range from a recording of a telephone call or a meeting video to recordings of legal proceedings..
We are your trusted partner for audio, video, legal, medical, thesis/dissertation, and academic, seminar, and research transcriptions.

Our transcription service is clear, professional and simple, whether you want a recorded phone message transcribing or legal proceedings. You simply need to send us the video or audio files and we’ll work on your project, guaranteeing premium quality every time thanks to our three step process.
1. Once we received your files, they will be handed to one of our native linguists who will create your transcript in the required target language.
2. Then all our work is to proofread it to ensure accuracy and that the intent is the same in both the source and target text.
3. Our quality assurance system then checks the final document before sending it to you.

You will get your completed transcript when you need it.


Transcreation is creative translation; it gives the translator working on your project some creative license. Transcreation goes beyond the usual translation services to give content some life and appeal in the target market, for example, by adding cultural references and phrases.
The process of transcreation is similar of translation and we follow the same premium quality assurance process in every single project to ensure that you’re guaranteed the high standard you’d expect from.
We’ll take your original document where it will be given to one of our native speakers of the new language you target. They will be fully aware of the local market & culture and have up to date knowledge of language developments, such as nuances of dialects. This means that by combining transcreation and copy-writing, they will be able to create a content that is both suitable for your target audience and reflects the original message of your source content.
Every project we work on is then extensively reviewed to ensure its accuracy and it’s error free. Our transcreation services offer you the experience and professionalism that your marketing and promotional material requires to maintain its creative input with a very competitive rate.

Other Services

Speak Arabia offers;
– Proofreading and revision rates are NOW included in the translation rate with our BASIC, SUPER and EXPERT levels of QA!
– FREE Test and sample translation of UP TO 500 words!
– CAT Tools discount- SAVE 50% on fuzzy matches and 75% on repetitions!
– Guaranteed discounts for our regular, long-Term and Large-Volume-Jobs providing Clients.
– Discounts for our regular, long-term and large-volume jobs providing clients.

Subject Matters

Medical Science

Medical Science















If you look for specific service or need to know more information about our pricing and rates. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

7 Reasons To partner with Speak Arabia

  • Professionalism

    We have specialist translators and linguists for industry specific content to make sure that your intent and purpose is applied, even when it’s in another language

  • Experience

    We’ve worked with industry leaders in a variety of fields, including communications, technology, automotive, and more

  • Affordable

    We offer you very competitive prices. We believe that budgets are so important and can offer you cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality

  • Client Oriented

    We use in-country based resources and vendors to ensure your message connects with your audience every time.

  • Reliability

    We have translators and linguists all across the world to meet all your copy-writing and transcreation needs

  • Quality

    Every project is quality assured, giving you peace of mind every time

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