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5 Steps to Becoming a Professional Translator

Step 1: Get Certified The first thing I tell people who want to know how to become a translator is to get some sort of accreditation or certification. Having credentials provides documentation that you have the skills required to translate or interpret professionally. Step 2: Get Tested Another resume builder is to take language proficiency […]

How much does localization cost? Getting an estimate

Once you have located potential vendors, you must communicate your needs to them (typically to their client account manager). As you begin your discussions, the vendor representative should pose many questions to you before trying to send you an estimate of the project. Preparing your information in concise, easy to follow units makes this transfer […]

How much to localize

How many components of your project really need to be localized? The answer could be anything from “not much” to “all content over all product components.” In many cases, timeline or budget considerations may dictate the amount of content to be localized. However, you must weigh the impact of not localizing content. In choosing NOT […]

Differences between “Globalization, “Internationalization”, “Localization” and Translation

Differences between “Globalization, “Internationalization”, “Localization” and Translation There is much confusion as to how the terms “globalization,” “internationalization,” “localization,” and “translation” should be used. These terms are thrown about in the press, by product developers, by marketing departments, by product management and by the localization vendors themselves in myriad ways. Yet understanding these terms and […]